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Cement feasibility studies and impact studies at an international level : Russia, Northern Africa, Caribbean, Middle East. Field work follow up and quarries exploitation plans elaboration - PEG S.A.

Technical Assistance for environmental diagnosis projects: Mining audits and environmental diagnosis of Touissit and Thizia districts (Pb-Zn), Morocco - BONNARD ET GARDEL

"Isère Amont" project: Elaboration of setting up documents for aggregate units. Project ownership assistance for the establishement of classified installations files in collaboration with Gipea - CONSEIL GENERAL DE L'ISERE - SYMBHI

Environmental diagnosis for papermaking industry sites - MATUSSIERE ET FOREST SA et Papeteries du Pont de Claix

Elaboration of health and safety document for Orbagnoux Mines (bituminous schists), 01, France - ICHTHYOL-BERATUNG

Structural study of Châteaubourg quarry, 07, France - CEMEX

Geological and environmental studies in the frame of the mining developement strategic plan elaboration of Tadjikistan Republic.
Reserves and environmental Audits for a mining exploitation in Poland - SOFREMINES

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